- Art by DELA
"Black, White and Neons" A Solo Exhibition by DeLa.

It is now year two for me, yet everything still feels new and fresh.... the paint is still drying... the thoughts are still landing like meteors from above....

Come through for a night of art, music, and great company.

Original paintings from 2013 and early 2014 will be on display.

For Private viewing contact

Music by Prak Tikos
Decor by Hoodie Art & Design

2 collaborative paintings will be on display.

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Artist Statement

Most ideas come from dreams, I dream LOUD. Other times the ideas come from restless nights where my mind won't let me sleep. I have to jot it down and release the thought. Then I sleep.

My main thing is the progression of my work. My aim is to get better with every painting I make. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. One day I'll get there.

Lately I've been very inspired by the universe, Hubble photography, nature, animals, our relationship(s) with Mother Earth, and most importantly, the Human Condition.

I hope you enjoy the work. Feel free to drop me an email.