First Blog Post! October 2016

Very happy to be where I am right now. Being a full-time artist keeps you young at heart and alive inside. I'm feeling blessed to have the friends and relationships I have right now. Every one of them is inspiring me, and I hope I am doing the same in return.  The future looks amazing.    When you pursue the things that you Love, Life and the people you surround yourself with seem to create a chant or a way of saying "go go go!" more and more into your endeavors. Thank you friends.


Fall and Winter 2016
I’ve recently moved to Denver, CO.  I am excited to explore a new state, this will be my second winter ever. I have lived in San Francisco for the last 5 years.  It was time for a change.  The city got to be a bit much, the hustle was everyday, and thats ok, it still is.  but it is at a slower pace in Colorado.

I will try my hardest and stay in the new studio and create non stop and hopefully not travel until the spring.  But certain festivals like Rainbow Serpent and Earth Frequency in Australia are calling on me.  It is time to go internationally. 

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