Meaning is often found in the most abstract places.

We can look to what is simple, what is easiest to comrprehend, and try to make sense of the big picture. But through the fixed view our eyes are born into, it often feels as if there is something missing. The answers, the beauty, the wonder, the inspiration- they come from a place difficult for the mind to grasp, yet in their viewing exists a feeling of certainty. Losing yourself in the eyes of another, a gaze captured by the night sky, unveiling a message through a dream, admiring the mysterious perfection of the female form. The universe- the force of creation- is all knowing, and when we allow it to enter, suddenly everything makes sense.

It has been said that a picture can paint a thousand words. But who says it's limited to just that? Art is the medium through which the universe shares its wisdom, and words are meaningless without a means to express them. We are the vessels, the paintbrushes in the hands of the truth.
Dela is a conduit of all things unseen, wanting to be born into view. He journeys into the subconscious of the universe, and brings back with him messages in the form of vibrant color and ethereal imagery, to which the viewer experiences a feeling as unique as his art- a depth of understanding of the human experience, the world, and the heart of all of its beauty.

Dela discovers meaning in some of the most overlooked places, which also happen to be home to some of the most significant truths. He finds his purpose in spreading environmental awareness and appreciation of our connection with nature. The woman in his artwork are representative of our home, mother earth, and the scenes he paints remind us of the destruction that has been done to the planet. Close to the earth is a reminder of the current world in which we live, but a glance at the sky reveals a pallete of hope.

Many of his paintings involve animals from different elements, in which he depicts their beautiful contribution to the planet, and the importance of nurturing their safety and protecting their innocence. The abstract lens through which he views the world is portrayed through the mix of color and black and white shading in his artwork, a technique inspired by colorless photography. The use of such contrasting imagery reflects his gift of making an unforgettable impression, one where the images he creates yell the message he is sending the world.
The skies in his world are splashes of bright pigments swirled into nebulas. The viewer may look up and realize our world is no different. What he paints is what is there, it just doesn't exist from our view.
Dela is proof that you don't search in sight of magic, you feel it; you create it. His art reminds us that reality is not perception, it is possibility.

-Bethany Currier